I Am Creating "women's Bonding Circle" In My Pool

Because I am so lonely and have no outlet socially, (tried AA and church and stopped bar hopping), that I decided to bring other lonely women to my house. I just bought a 15x48 round pool which should be up and ready in 2 weeks (by June). In June I am passing out flyers EVERYWHERE in my small town, that I know some women (ages 40-60) will want to check it out. It's an odd place for a meeting. I am limiting the circle to 5 women. I have picked a "monthly topic" of "Transition" and how we can maneuver within changes in life. We will sit on floating snakes and take turns sharing with the circle, then listen to feedback. Then I will read out of my "Transition book I just read some excerpts about solutions and professionals solutions to some mixed up reactions we don't even are conscious of. Each month a new topic will be covered and worked through. I plan on having 2 meetings a week, with 2 different groups of women, IF I get enough calls. I will keep a list and, if big enough, open up a larger meeting downtown in the winter at the Rec Center's meeting hall. Honestly, if I make 4 or 5 close friends by the end of pool season, I will not need to continue running meetings, but can hand it over to another member to delegate an "established public meeting". My meeting is very closed and 5 members is so intimate that trust and social events can sprout from it (i.e. family potlucks, girls movie night, and long chit chat on the phone. I only need 3 close friends.

I just got the pool AND new dentures 2 days ago. I can't wait to swim and lose 30 pounds by September. I will be in that pool for long periods of time. I'm inert on the bed with the remote and chronic pain. So who wants to move around? I gained 70 pounds in 10 years, but I KNOW it will drop off like melting butter once I start swimming every day. I'll be tan and take less pills. I'm totally pill dependent. I need to stick dynamite under my husband's *** to get the pool put together, but once he starts it will take 4 days from start to finishing taking off the solar heated cover and vacuuming up the heavy metals in our water. Chlorine and test kit costs alot and I might have to wait until next month to have payday money for that. But I WILL have a good 3 months worth of swimming weather to get in shape and invite 5 women over a couple of times a week for an hour lunch break in the pool.

There are lots of lonely women with no place to go. I can put a flyer in the newspaper bins, salons, the library, laundromats in apartment buildings, at Starbucks on their window or on car windows during swap meets on weekends.

THIS IS MY SOLUTION TO LONELINESS. BRING OTHERS LIKE ME TO MY HOUSE FOR WOMEN'S BONDING CIRCLE. I will screen them before to make sure they are somewhat refined. No bums allowed. I'll need their addresses and emails to verify their legit. I'm too hot to write anymore. I made postcards and 3-fold brochures already, but already need to minimize and simplify only the idea. They can call for details. Besides, I just purchased for $38 two books about creating support groups and another book on just topics. I'm totally broke now and want to go swimming. Patience. Back to the remote and some more pills. Dull my mind and body now that I powered for 24 hours with this new way to cure my loneliness. I'm bipolar and it's all or none. Tme to quit and leave my body for 18 hours.

A pool circle is a luxury in the heat of the day. Noon to 1:00 with 20 minutes to exchange info and dry off, or swim around for 10 minutes of free time after 1pm. I will swim all the time around and under then float on my back. The pool is mine alone. My husband isn't a water person. I'll need #50 waterproof sunblock then a t-shirt if I stay out too long. I'm wanting in one hand and *(#) in the other. Two hot weeks to wait. That is a lot of laying down to do.

FEEDBACK ANYONE? Would you check out a Lonely Women's Water Circle? 5 ladies is very personal and first come first serve.

I'm back to this website again. I forgot about it. Contessah
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Contessa.. this is a wonderful idea and yes, I would definitely check something like this out if it were in my area. I would want to know if the people "knew each other" cuz I probably would not go if they did. But otherwise, yeah.. I love to swim and cool off (hot flashes LOL) explore topics, support and make new friends. Best of luck!