They Won't Make An Effort

It has just struck me how simple it is. All you have to do is make an effort.
What I mean is that it is so extremely easy for people who should support dythymics to do it, to know about their condition. I've read almost all of 50 stories here and they are so repetituous. This disease is so sestematic. It isn't elusive or uncomprehensible for people who have not experienced it. Surely, they won't feel what we feel but thay are able to use their intelligence and brains to learn about it. All they have to do is to read and analyse these stories. You don't have to have Ph.D. to notice recurrent patterns we talk about. we almost all feel misunderstood, unable to be productive and what is vary visible, many of us try to explain that thay do realize that they have a good life but somehow they can't feel happy. they wish but they just can't.
It makes me soooo angry. Family and friends don't really want to help. Thay have it all here, just take and somehow that don't. they say that they wpuld like to help but when they actually have such a chance....they won't make an effort.
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1 Response May 12, 2012

Your right. For me depression was a very lonely place to be and nobody understands it if they have never experienced it. Its not excepted as a true disease in some ways. The only way I got through it was excepting and treating it. My Mom and sister helped me realize I was in a depression. I used an anti-depressant to get through. Now I maintain a level head through exercise. I gotta quit smoking though lol.