I Just Can't Snap Out Of This Depression

            I  wish I could snap out of this depression. All I keep thinking is this year needs to be over and next year will be better. I even go month from month saying the same thing. I have lots on my table and I cannot go into detail except I will tell u a little. I quit my job of a few years with a 2 week notice than they called the same day, & told me not to come to work again. I even asked, "u will say I gave you 2 weeks notice, I was told yes"
        I got another job right away ( a friend recommended me to her boss)  and only worked a few times for them in 2 months. Now I am told there is no work at the moment. Nothing I did, it happens. Now I have to find work once again....Than I put in all these job applications and got interviews everyone is happy and wants to hire me than they call my old boss and I never get a call back. It is depressing. I feel betrayed and yes a lot of u are saying sue my old employeer and hire a private investgator find out what he has been saying. I just want it to be over with.
       So I recenting got another job becasue I took off my old employeers name of the job application... but I have no been put on the schedule yet and I am waiting. And worrying why is it taking so long... I am also going through depression with weight lose due to having surgury. i am thin but can't hardly eat anything and lack of calories makes me cranky and miserable at times. I am alone with no friends, my husband works long hours and my kids are teen boys so they do there own thing. I have no best friend and my family lives far away.  Besides doing my chores during the day I pace the house. I feel sad,bored,  lonely, depressed and I cry sometimes. I am usually very happy go getter personality but all of this year well it sucks. That is all I wanted to say I know my problems aren't that big of a deal and I should be happy about a lot in my life but it is hard I feel stuck. Thanks for listening.

hyicinth hyicinth
36-40, F
May 18, 2012