I have been fighting manic depression and bipolar and borderlin behavior priblems. Thr only reaon im here because my two year old lil man. Ibjave tried a lot of thing amd notuong ever succeeded I dont do this crap for attention. I have been to more theropist and drs than can count and nothing is helpong I exercise and am also an amateur mma fighter. I work full time as well and graduate college top of class and nothing makes me happy. I dunno what to do anymore. I do Charity work and all and still nothing. I have tried a lot of things to well u know and none succeded. I just dont know what to do even my drs dont which makes things worse. I can go shop buy all new things or take my fam out and still no happiness. Im close to the point if calling it quits
rylansdad rylansdad
2 Responses May 19, 2012

Never give up..<br />
The journey will lead to a better place, turn around all the founts are found behind you

Always hope for the best.<br />
Change everything about your lifestyle It will really help.