Try This For Reality!

I read some stories that made me sad. Some people that are 21 and feel life has failed them. Do not worry you will still have many years and opportunities to get things straight.
That said I am 54, I went to College have never been in trouble with law or substance abuse. Yet I have been unemployed for 6 years. I have never been married (or even close). I obviously have no children. I have no family but a brother. And a sister who has been 30 years in a mental institution. I have diabetic Neuropathy where it hurts very bad just to walk. I have had four serious suicide attempts going back to 13. The last one I was in a coma for 9 weeks! The bill was $300,000. Which you taxpayers picked up the tab. As I do not have an money. I do not feel bad about that as I did not ask to be revived. I took 5 times the lethal dose of opiates. In a sense I feel satisfaction as I am happy to be getting back at society, and since I cannot seem to off myself correctly, maybe this is the next best thing.
Now back to some of the more young stories. Try to look up for to end up like me took such a series of bad luck that I truly believe it is exceptional. For most of you, you will meet someone, find some kind of a niche and life will work out. Just watch drugs and drinking. Life is tough enough without getting help ruining yourself. Also some of you who think you cannot be alone any longer. You are wrong. I was relatively ok until I lost my health and my job. And I have never met the right person not even once. I have been alone for 54 years.
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I am 45, never married, no children, and siblings who completely ignore me. I have no friends. I have not attempted anything you mentioned, I have leaned on Christ as my help. I read the Bible daily and play uplifting Christian music. I pray He helps me get through each day because life is very painful when you feel no one cares for you.<br />
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Lie someone wrote on one of these posts..."Though I am in great need of love I have to pretend I am confident and okay so that I don't scare people off"<br />
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Somedays I feel better but for the most part, life is really hard.

First thing I am very sad that you appear to have many feelings that I have. So I know that is not pleasant. Also sorry to hear about your siblings not supporting you? Is it because of some long simmering argument or that they do not want to deal with what they look at as a messed up sibling? Your article does not say if you are a man or a woman, but to me sounds like a woman. If so, it is even more difficult than my situation. In any case at least you have you have your faith to help you through. That sounds great! It sounds like it helps you get through a lot of difficulties. Feel free to contact me anytime you like. Good luck!