Is It Forever?

I'm 24 years old. I never Had a boyfriend, o Had some kind of affair with two guys who didnt feel anything for me. I never had any luck and no one ever fell for me i dont know why since im not ugly or annoying. Now My friends all have their relationships and with working all day long i dont get to see them much. We all are living different lives. I live practicly alone and most of the time end up staying home alone because they all have their individual plans. Sometimes i cry, others i get numb just there. I just wish i didnt feel horrible all the time and would get used to this. I have the feeling things will not change regarding love...
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1 Response May 21, 2012

I can understand you r situation, as I am in the same situation. yes I feel very depressed too when I think of my life and what I am going through. Then I started thinking about my career and shifted all my concentration on to career, I do work 5 days a week and earning good but still missing my life. May be because I do not have proper home life, no relationships, and always come across friends who talk behind me and recently found that the person whom I considered as my best mate started talking behind me. I hate this, but still trying to be strong. I hope you are feeling better now, be strong and I wish you'll find a good person as your boyfrn soon. take care.....

That's Exactly what I feel, i do have a good job, o earn ok but i work all week from 10 to 19h. That doesnt live time to meet New people. So i get really depressed, because it feels my life is only my job. Sorry about your mates, you will forget that too one day.. Dont worry. Hang in there*

And also sorry about auto correct :p