I Pray For Strength Everyday

Today is my birthday. I spent it alone, again. It seems like every year life gets more painful and lonely. I try to come across confident and happy to others, when inside I am starving for someone to just care about me. I am 45, not married, no children, no friends, distant family who never calls. Only my mother cares, we talk everyday, she is 73. I think of the day she is gone, I will not have anyone to talk to who really cares about me.

I hold on to Christ...yes, He is my present help in trouble. I do believe in His word and know this world is cold and careless. All I can do is pray for His strength everyday. Even church members are cold and indifferent, only caring for themselves. I visit the elderly, read the Bible to them and pray with them. One day, if Christ doesn't come soon, i will be one of those old, lonely elderly folk too. There is so much pain in this world. So many hurting people. The devil has done a great job at bringing misery to the human family.

I just pray I can make it through each day with at least a pinch of HOPE.
hopinginchrist hopinginchrist
1 Response May 22, 2012

Hello hopinginchrist, your post touches me deep inside as my own situation is similiar. I am mid fifties (so a bit older), single, no family at all (both parents gone, no children or siblings) and I feel too that I am starving to death from loneliness and unhappiness over being lonely inside my happy exterior. I also share your faith and in my heart of hearts would be happy to pass to the next world where I would no longer be lonely or have to worry about getting old alone. You are not alone in your pain and your masking of it, even though you may sometimes feel you are the only person who feels this way. <br />
Could you look for another church, one where the spirit of Christ might be more alive and where you would be drawn in and receive understanding of your lonely situation? <br />
The church you go to sounds very offputting. Maybe look for one where they have support groups for people?