Don't Have A Clue What Situation I Am In

I feel very lonely though I am with my best friend ( may be I am in a false assumption). I started my career with a great pace, I thought to help my friend whom I considered a good friend of mine. I have referred him at my work place, though he dint had enough visa permit I have given guarantee to my employer that he will be an asset to company if given a chance, after all that struggle I managed to pull him and also another friend (she) and trained them and helped them in getting the required qualification for the job. Everything was going smoothly, at a point I felt I am the most happiest person and fortunate. Unfortunately I got to leave the company for few months  and as per the request of the employer got to join back the same company, but now the situations are all different from earlier, my friends forgot what I have helped them. Now they both chat with each other at work and at home but not with me. They are feeling that I have done something wrong by joining back, as I have got the experience and leading the team. Now I feel very bad to join back, and feeling very lonely as if I am in a very dark place where there is no scope of light rays at all. feeling very depressed. I dont even have people to share my pain.
unfortunateone unfortunateone
May 23, 2012