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serenity the peaceness within urself. the calm state of mind where no one can penetrate ur self defences. no one can harm u no one can hurt u. happiness can flow with in but also sadness must flow, as anger must follow. no one can truly understand serenity but some in the world seek to find it. the love from it followed by the hate. what is serenity? is that the question... or is it what is ur serenity...

the pain in my heart never ceases to exsist. ripping me limp from limp. wanting someone to help but never finding it. relying to much on myself and never looking to the ones who want to help the ones who can help. but againi am stubborn and i only seem to hurt myself. i tell the lie to others that i dont hurt my self, i really dont. then i look in the mirror and see the fake before me and see the tears fall from my face. i see the ugliness while others can seethe beauty. i say i dont hurt myself when it is a lie. i make choices that only intend to hurt me. and then i make more choices that isolate me from love but crowd me with hate. i am lonely.

im sorry.....
im so sorry. im sorry if i ever hurt you. im sorry if i ever hurt you, im sorry if i broke your heart, im sorry if i killed you and im sorry if i pushed you away. i can never say im sorry to your face soill say it by carving it on my body. ill carve it on my chest and hope that you forgive, that you forgive this pathetic person. but you will not forgive so i will give you my life. then i will die. i will die and become one with you. then you shall forgive me. you will look at my lifeless body with a smile and seethe words carved on my chest that say im sorry on my heart, to show that im sorry from the bottom of my heart. ill show you the proof, ill show the courage, the courage that comes from saying im sorry from the carving on my chest, so maybe you will forgive me before my short life comes to an end.

the two sides of a mind. the lighter side which remains happy, and the darker side, which remains sad. let the lighter side take over :3 why dwell on small things in the world when you can just live life happy and never be sad?

scar from The Lion King.
his green eyes are full of passion. his scars are covered in pain. he snarls his teeth, in the rage his heart contains. his long black hair, drapes down like the tears that run from his face. he feels so much pain. but in shows in rage. always being misunderstood he wants the world to die. he shows no mercy, only rage. his heart feels no love, only rage. but his green eyes will always show passion, the passion that runs through his veins, the passion that pumps through his heart. the passion that he shows in his life.

a broken angel.
how do u fix a broken angel? when there's nothing you can fix. how do you save someone, when there's nothing you can save? how do you make someone happy, when the only way they are happy is when they are hurting themselves. you cant. the blood that runs down my broken wings, is like the tears that run down my face. the cries of pain i give you at night, are like the screams my hearts screams when it wants to die. my arms cant move, my legs don't inch, my body goes numb as my mind goes limp. i no longer think, i no longer an angel, I'm i not even human. i am nothing. i am not here. i walk through these streets, waling all alone. seeing familiar faces. but no one i know. no one cares, no one will know, if i die tomorrow will they even know? so i live this life, with no regrets, i have no regrets because i am no longer living. i am just there. my body is there but my mind is not. so just let me pass, and just let me be free. let me find my broken wings, let me pick them up. will you help me fix my broken wings? or will you let me die and never be free?

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The Poem is extraordinary I love it

hahaha thanxies XD very much appreciated