Alone With My Shortcomings

I I am a loner I am 58 year old female. It seems that when I get in a relationship or have friends I get hurt.I stay at home and watch movies and read it. I have a home but I rarely come out of my bedroom . I work 12 hour midnites .so that gives cause to sleep during the day and be up at nite. I feel people hurt and I releave the stress by not associating .l have not done any socializing for 2 years , I can't wait to get home after work where it is safe. I tried the internet dating and ran into a very loving man that turned out to be a scamer . No place is safe anymore. So I have life lock and stay away from people ,life hurts enough and is hard enough to survive financially . Thank you anjolee
anjolee anjolee
46-50, F
1 Response May 24, 2012

So sad your situation but one I can understand. Just wonder what creates these horrible feelings and why it wrecks lives. Best wishes