Tick Borne Infectious Diseases

Important: The author of this article is Marc Merullo. He's also a member of EP (barbermcm). I am one of those who supports awareness of the Lyme Disease, that's the reason for putting this material on EP. Hopefully you'll share the same goal as Marc in spreading awareness for Lyme. Thanks.

May is Lyme Awareness Month and it is very important for an article to be posted this month. This time I mentioned the possibility of Lyme disease and Coinfections being separate illnesses. If there are any changes to this article you would like, let me know.Thank you Marc.

Tick season is in and May is "Lyme Awareness Month." There are many people unknowledgable of Lyme Disease and other Tick Borne illnesses. Part of the problem is lack of sufficient education on these ailments. The next part of the problem is another illness called "Denial." Denial is the inability to be realistic about something that is happening in life. Denial has a dark side. Being in denial too long can prevent you from effectively dealing with a problem that requires immediate action. Denial to a health issue is the worst type of denial one can suffer from.

The denial of the existence of Chronic Lyme and other Tick Borne infectious diseases needs to be addressed. These tick borne illnesses are known as coinfections. Are these other tick borne illnesses coinfections to Lyme Disease? Or are they perhaps another illness all together? Bartonella known as cats scratch disease is unrecognized as a chronic illnesses. One form of Bartonella is called "Bartonella Bacilliforms." and is considered deadly in its acute stage. There are many strains of Bartonella just as there are different strains of Lyme. There are said to be as many as 300 strains of Lyme. Laboratory testing is not accurate enough to test for every strain of these infectious diseases. Lyme disease was discovered in 1975 after a mysterious outbreak of arthritis in children near Lyme Connecticut. Bartonella was given its name in 1992. However these infectious diseases have been around for a long time. Humans are infected with Lyme through the deer tick. Bartonella on the other hand comes from fleas and ticks. Cats carry Bartonella and transmit it by scratches, bites, and licking your open wounds. It is important to check cats for Bartonella as well as proper flea and tick control around your home. Researchers believe Bartonella may be partly responsible for a dogs decline in health as well as humans. Cats themselves do not show many symptoms of the disease. Bartonella is believed to be activated more when another illness is present. Lyme Disease, Cancer and even H.I.V are examples. Ehrlichia is another Tick Borne Infectious Disease caused from: the deer tick, the Lone Star tick and the American Dog tick.Symptoms of Ehrlichia are fever and body aches. These can overlap the symptoms of Lyme disease. Anaplasmosis is closely related to Erlichia however, it is caused by a different microorganism.

Late stage Infectious Diseases cost a lot of money to treat. There are several trial and error herbs running several hundred dollars a month. Health insurance companies do not cover these herbal medicines because they are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Probiotics which are necessary for the replacement of intestinal flora, that is taken away by antibiotic therapy,cost up to $100.00 for a months supply. The highest quality is recommended. Many Lyme patients are taking as many as 15 different suppliments in conjuction to antibiotic therapy to try to eradicate these infections. Do all of these work? The right Lyme Specialist should be able to advise on which suppliments should be taken as well as possible interactions. Most antibiotics come with instructions as to what should be avoided while taking the medication. A health food store nurse is usually knowledgeable as to which herbal medicines can be taken with a certain antibiotic. Do not guess or follow misleading internet ads without checking with a specialist. There are numerous marketers on the internet posing to be able to treat conditions such as Lyme Disease and other Tick Borne infectious Diseases. They have already recognized the problem and know there is money to be made. Being aware of possible scams is very important too. I personally know of a few that I have researched. However, I can't mention them in this article.Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure or miracle pill once Lyme Disease reaches its Late Stage.Beware of physcological sales tricks and miracle cure books. If these people have already recognized the problem than why haven't all Doctors and patients?

Methods of detoxification including, infrared saunas, baths with Epson salt and hydrogen peroxide are effective treatments. Lyme patients must drink up to there times more water than the average person. An appointment with an accupuncturist, chiropractor, health practitioner, and other natural treatment centers may cost $100 per visit. Rife machines, costing several thousand dollars are used by chronic "Lymies" and not covered by health insurance. There are various scams that are promoted that prey on the desperate. Those costs must be considered as well. The next comes conventional. Many Lyme Literate Doctors do not take health insurance and an appointment can cost up to $700.00 for each appointment. The cost of longterm antibiotic treatment, lab tests,and testing for coinfections are expensive as well. Many health insurance companies and the "free care" system in Canada are not always willing to pay for "longterm treatment."

Chronic Lyme is not yet recognized and longterm therapy is considered "experimental." The news is that there is a drug being tested now that could possibly relieve Chronic Lyme patients of their suffering. However, is there more than one disease to treat? There is a petition in Massachusetts being signed to revise the guideline of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA.) Meanwhile, patients are liable for most of the treatment for "Chronic Lyme," Some patients are literally spending $6,000 per month or more as a result of, "Lyme Disease" and the "coinfections" not being treated in their early stages. These expenses are being paid while the patient is either working minimal hours, or not working at all. This could be you if you are not aware.

Aside from this patients and doctors choose I.V. antibiotics, effective treatment centers, oxygen treatments and various other methods costing thousands of dollars per week. This puts a burden on the patients and their families; and has the potential to be the root of the cause of lost relationships and families. Credit card companies charge the interest, late fees, and over the limit fees. They too benefit from the lack of awareness.

How are people able to pay for these costs themselves? Loss of work time, or loss of career to disability is very possible as mentioned in my previous article. Wheelchairs and disability equipment must be paid for by the patient, forcing more financial burden on themselves and their families. This usually is a result of an infected patient being forced to a dead end search for a diagnose when, it was Lyme all along, and/ or one of the many other Tick borne illnesses. Children missing school and losing their ability to play sports, and fullfil their dreams can be a result of untreated Tick Borne Infectious Diseases. People and doctors need to be on the lookout. May is "Lyme Awareness" month and The costs, in addition to symptoms and prevention as well as treatment of Tick Borne Infectious Diseases need to be understood by every citizen. My email is marcmerullo@gmail.com and marcmerullo@yahoo.com
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