If I Can't Understand Myself, How Can Anyone Else?

Wow. I am one screwed up person. One second I will think that no one cares for me/ I care for no one, and the next second I will think that I care for people and a few people close to me care for me. It has gotten worse when I got into a short casual relationship with someone. I didn't think I could care for her, therefore I went through with it. However, I told her so much stuff about myself and I couldn't stop saying it. A couple weeks later I found out I had feelings for her and she told me she wasn't ready for a relationship. She was acting really wierd now that I think back. I find out a few days later she was lying and she got into a relationship, even though just before on the same day she claimed she still wasn't ready. Its probably my fault. I told her I was always angry and couldn't seem to feel anything else. I believe she is scared of me now and I don't think anyone could ever feel for me.
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Many people are scared of emotions especially at a young age. There are people who do and will understand you. It will take some time to find them/her.<br />
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Try not to get discouraged, I know it is not easy. You feel what you feel and no one can change that, but the right person can make you feel better about yourself.<br />
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Being alone is not the best thing, but i does give you a lot of time to think about yourself.<br />
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What i can suggest to you, is build your relationship slowly. You want to share your feelings and be honest, but remember this; a good or lasting relationship needs a good foundation of mutual respect, care and friendship.<br />
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Try to get the person to understand what kind of a person you are and the kind of friend you can be and how you would support them first.

You told her you are always angry, that that is your dominant emotion. Maybe you made yourself sound so unattractive she backed off. <br />
Learn from this and be more careful in how you express yourself. Not less honest, but think about how you say things. Remember its normal to have ups and downs. I hope you will find someone to have fun with.

I can't help the stuff I say though. It wouldn't of mattered what I said. I don't really think I want the sex

hi! seems your struggling on your teenage romance... you don't need to feel bad about what you did, it's just the way you expressed your feelings. Maybe you can feel much better if you'll talk to her and apologize. But if you can't, you need to learn to let go and forgive your SELF. I know it's not easy but it's the only thing you can do... <br />
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about what you said that you don't think anyone could ever feel for you? <br />
-a piece of advice do something about yourself... Love your self and amazingly people will see it! Be kind and always keep a smile!<br />
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to fight depression you need to be as active as possible, i do briskly walking during afternoon-you may jog =). and drinking plenty of water will help =)<br />
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i believe so much in this that every time i felt down i repeatedly read and ingest it!:<br />
If God put you in it, He will put you through it!