So Lonely

Am 23 years old. Three years ago i move to a new city and ever since then i have no friends (not even 1).I try really hard to make friends but its very hard cause everyone seems to have their own group of friends already. My best days are when am at work,when am off i just sleep and cry,sleep and cry,if i ever do anything its always by myself,like going to the movies or out eating.I fight everyday just to get out of bed. Everyday i feel like i could just lay down and die, i cant wait for the day when am normal like everyone else. i really wish i had just one friend,someone to talk to,laugh,cry,just someone to care.
Am a very friendly person just very shy.
I have a lot of family who cares about me but they are far away plus they can be judgemental .I just want that special friend that will always be there for me and who i can always be there for.
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2 Responses Aug 9, 2012

read your post and I know how you feel... i have made just a few good friends that i made along the way when i moved to a new city... its been 10 years now in the new city and i still find myself alone... and i guess with time i get use to it. but i think of it as an opportunity to grow with knowledge and physical activity to improve upon one-self the things you feel need improving without anyone getting in the way

ill be ur friend im 25 andgoing trough the same thing

Thank you lonenly25