I Am Incredibly Lonely

I am very lonely and sad all the time. I feel like nobody gives a damn about whether I'm alive or dead. I have family and some friends but nobody to be with. I realize a lot of people have this same problem and I'm not trying to get people to feel bad for me but I'm just so tired of going to bed and waking up alone and not having anybody to talk to or share things with. Most everybody I know has someone and that makes it worse having to hang around with people as couples and watch them be happy together. Its like I have a constant stabbing pain in my chest through my heart. I can't take this constant void in my life anymore. It's not ok to go through life feeling like this day in and day out, no one seems to understand me or get my sense of humor. I haven't had a girlfriend in about 2 years and the ones I have had we're never really there for me or treated me very well. My last relationship was very emotionally abusive and made me feel almost more alone than when I was alone. I'm just so scared that I'm going to have to live the rest of my life like this and I don't want to wake up in 40 years knowing my whole life was filled with loneliness and despair. I just don't know how to cope with it anymore, something has to happen soon or I think I'm going to break.
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3 Responses Aug 21, 2012

Hi I have a whole Family & I feel so alone I have 3 kids & a husband & still feel alone He makes me feel like he doesn't even want to be around me he makes me feel like i'm not pretty enough NOT good enough, He doesn't talk to me he ignores me all the time so I feel like a loser for being with someone who doesn't think i'm his whole world.. i'm so unhappy I take it out on everyone i'm so disappointed in how my life turned out I wake up everyday Wishing I could turn back time sometimes u think u want something but when u get it its not. But then its to late to change it & u live with regret I know I do EVERYDAY :( i'm SOOOOOO unhappy so lonely & so unfilled I want to be better feel better I don't want to see others happy & feel envious of them or there life I want to feel that way I deserve to have a happy normal life to but I don't I ever will :(

Hi. Ye i know the feeling. I am 42 years old and so alone. At least you can say you have friends. I do not have 1. People can't seemto accept me because i also struggled my whole life with epilepsy. People treat you different. Don't. Please just accept and support me for who i am

I feel exactly the same!! I'm a lesbian, and I have nobody really there for me. I don't like my parents. I have tried to commit suicide two times. And any time I meet someone, I get all just so dissapointed and upset, because nobody seems to care about me, nobody needs me. I hate humanity so much!!!