I Don't Know ....

I'm such a positive person in general, I love to laugh, go out to parties, meet new people, etc. When i'm comfortable around at least one person I can be so outgoing, but then at home (where I spend most my time) I just feel almost exhausted with how lonely, bored and unhappy I really am. I'll go out and have a great night, but then after a few days it's back to the same routine.... I can't help but feeling my life is just not going anywhere, its the same **** everyday. Even writing this makes me feel depressed. About 2 years ago I was so happy, I had so many friends, loads of guys interested in me .... it was perfect, but now its all gone. The thing is i'm shy when first meeting people (I probably come across confident but i'm really not). I dont think its vain to say I know i'm a nice person, I care about everyone and don't judge people. I think it's important to realise just how many people can be depressed and/or lonely, and really the only cure is to find someone that can make you feel special, whether thats friends or girl/boyfriends. Sorry about that last bit, sounds really cheesy I know ;) but its true.
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This story reminds me a lot about myself. For some reason it helps just to read that other people also can feel like this.

I decided to read your stories and I realized i can relate to some of them! I feel the same way everywhere

Sucks doesn't it ?

Yeah... Facades hurt. luckily it only hurts me :)