Nearly everyday I suffer from loneliness that seems to go to the deepest part of my heart. Rightfully I shouldn't be lonely since I have a husband. Yet, although we've been together for 25 years for the most part of these years I have been lonely. I feel like I am withering away from it, like a slowly dying plant.
Leave some would say, but in reality that is harder than said since I keep hoping things will get better and he's not a bad guy, just detached. Someone that could easily be totally content all alone. He doesn't need anyone and that's me included.
Oh well, just putting my heart feeling to words tonight. Just another day if the same stuff. One would think I'd get use to it, but I don't. I think it just hurts more as the years fade.
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Good things are bound to happen for you soon, don't despair. :) But he must have his reasons, perhaps trauma, introverted, could be something he's kept a secret from you too. I suppose the fact that if you leave, he really will be alone, but this is damaging you too. You won't leave him because you love him still and are still faithful, unfortunately love and tolerance are two different entities, one will win over another...

You're welcome, you'll be blessed for all your struggles I know it. :)

It breaks my heart, it really does. I am so sorry for you. Hugs.

What normal , sane person holds on 25 long years hoping for a change in their marriage, u DESERVE every BIT of depression n loneliness u are feeling..

Then yur just an IDIOT then!

As YOUR happiness duz U

Then stop complaining about your loneliness

Unfortunately, hoping will get you no where. You say he's a "nice guy" but doesn't need anyone, including you. Has he literally said that? Have you spoken to him about how you feel? I'm also divorced... but I was all talked/counselled/benefit-of-the doubt'ed out. Ultimately, any relationship consists of two people.. and unless BOTH are willing to make things better, it will never work. At some point, I just had to say "enough," walk away, and move onto better, and it has been.

This I understand!!! I had to get a devorice after 19 years and then get back togather while restructuring ..... My WHOLE family with me as the LEADER.