From Crappy To Happy - How?

It all starts with a situation you didn't ask for or have any control over, at least that's how it was for me. 

Advice, I'm desperately seek advice in whatever form it comes...

It starts with a breakup... then:

-Broken heart leads to depression
-Friendships suffer due to my mood
-I am arrested under Section 136 Mental Health
-Psychologically assessed
-I lose my job because I cannot function
-I find work
-I start therapy
-Parents get worried call police
-Police find serious research into suicide by gas asphyxia
-Police turn up at work
-Diagnosed with severe depression 
and Cognitive Distress Anxiety Disorder
-I'm referred to Primary Mental health
-Dr prescribes SSRI Fluoxetine Hydrochloride meds 
-I walk out of work
-I start obsessing over him
-Medication stops working
-I start cutting, burning and grazing myself on purpose for pain relief
-I develop agoraphobia and remain indoors for 26 weeks
-I receive maybe 3 texts and a calls from friends in 6 months
-My financial worries increase due to no income and my debt increases
-I don't leave or seldom answer the door/telephone to anyone
-I start to get better after 6 months

Now I have a new job starting with intense training and the chance to turn things around, I feel better in myself BUT, the loneliness and loss of friendships cripples me, I don't get texts or calls from anyone apart from mom. Most of all now i cannot connect with anyone, friends or family. Its like iv lost all of my people skills in a year. I text people, I arrange things with friends but as soon as they are aware I'm inviting them to hang out, there's excuse after excuse. That's if they reply at all.

I ask, if anyone is out there reading this what do I do to rebuild these friendships, get invited out again, be the person I once was. My friends once were my entire world now I have none. If anything I want to find out what people really think about me and whether my efforts to make plans are, and always will be, falling on deaf ears. People are just too polite. How do i get the people I care about back?
RichSmiles RichSmiles
26-30, M
Sep 5, 2012