I'm running. I can't stop.
I don't know why or where I am running.
Everything around me is a blur.
I feel very tired. I can't stop.
I think if I stop, I will give up.
As I run I look around me,
and realize I am not alone.
Others run all around me.
Sometimes our paths cross,
yet they never converge.
No one runs with me.
I am not alone, yet I am alone.
No one can see where I am trying to go.
No one cares where I go.
I have no path, nothing to guide me.
I am in a desolate place full of people.
I am alone, and I am lost...
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18-21, M
2 Responses Sep 11, 2012

I felt this way before... I such a situation everything seems to be senseless. But it isn't that way.
I'm still lonely, but I learned, that I can be better.

I'm there for you. Feel free to text me :)

Thanks for this, I would like to talk if you wish, I always try to find time to talk with people, it is interesting for me, and we have things in common.

I understand this. You are so young. This should not be the case for a beautiful young person. We all have our own story. I'm sure your story is a very important one. You are unique. There is no one like you. You have every right to be here. There will be some one some day who will owe their life to you. There is nothing greater. I wish you peace in your life and LOVE ever after . Diane.

really thank you for your kind words, I wrote that when I was sad, I am always sad, yet at times I feel like i wish to create something beautiful. those times are always when I am most depressed. So when I feel like this, I write, I have written many poems, and this is not that good of one, yet I like them because they always have meaning to me. As for me being unique, I feel that way also, that is one of the many reasons for my sadness, yet here, I find people who I can relate to, And it makes me at least feel some hope again. I just turned 18, yet I feel so much older than that. I am glad that people like you are out there, Thanks for your understanding. Charles.