I Can't Stand My Thought

I really can stand my thought
I seem to think awfully a lot
About what, I wonder
Not quite sure
My business comes first
And everything else in the tail
Try dating but that tangle my brain
Women trying to run me insane
See why I don't have a main dame
The trying to take all my name
It's alright
Guess that's another one of my thought
Headed to the extremes
As everything blurs and the tunnel lies ahead
The dash is maxed and the transport is steady
In my rear view the lights flash
But they are no where in sight
Oh well
Press the brakes and slow it down
Where are my thoughts
Crash course or skills?
I don't really want to know
Feels like I don't know what it feels like
And don't really want to feel it
But insistence takes over
Tell me "go ahead, it won't you"
Then why don't you tell me why I'm already in pain?
Now people looking crazy
Keep looking and take some pictures why don't ya
I'm not going anywhere
So where are my thoughts..
jpllc jpllc
26-30, M
Sep 15, 2012