Fighting The Good Fight

The 1st two words of this groups name is I Fight.
Do We? Do We realy fight it every day? I know ther have been times when I,ve thrown my hands up in despair locked my door and gone back to bed for days at a
time only rising to use the rest room.I cant realy call that fighting!
Ive gone days at a time with out eating or even bathing.I dont think my fist were clenched in rage,not much of a fight.
I've made two attempts on my own life.So willing to just lay down and die.What a big
brawler huh?
Ive been building up a little muscle lately.Doing some shadow boxing.Walking on my
own with a staff,instead of crutches.
Why have I started the fight?
I was told I had to get help.Made to get help.I didnt have enough fight in Me to
refuse it. Glad I did did'nt!
Thru the Texas county I live in,Ive recived enough help that fighter in Me is waking
up.I'm starting to understand that not every thing bad that has ever happened to Me
is my fault.I dont have to live up to others expectations of,or,for Me.I am getting
over guilt that was never mine to carry in the 1st place.
Its not been an easy fight.I still get knocked on my butt a lot but, I get back up.So far.
So any one here who feels like You could fight a bit harder,seek help its out there.
Dont give up.Find a rainbow,and Fight the Good Fight!
The1960texan The1960texan
51-55, M
Sep 16, 2012