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I am a creative writer. I have struggled with this accursed illness for a long time. I thought I had it licked. However after 7 years of bliss and normality it pains me to say that this f'ing disorder is back and with a vengeance. I am trying to keep it together but **** is hard man real damn hard. I do not want pills but I swear they are the only way to the light. Happiness in a bottle. yeah that is bs, also for us it is a bitter sweet truth. I am glad this group is here. maybe it will help. so folks please converse with me.
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I have been bouncing in and out of depression for many years now, and can relate. I, too, am a writer, as many times, the pen & pad are my best friends. Know that you are not alone. My heart hurts, my soul is dead. We are here together.

In 2005 I wrote my self out of depression. Amazingly enough I challenged myself to write until I had nothing else to say. The result was my first published book A Voice From The Shadows by Johnnie Shadow. Also my mind was silent for the next year. In 2007 I wrote Postmortem. A manuscript that I am attempting to get published on a major label. Now the devil has returned to play yet again.

I have been writing since high school. Mainly short stories, poetry & music. About five years ago, when I started having bouts with memory loss, I began writing an autobiography. It's something friends have been encouraging me to do for years. It's mainly for self help & therapy. About a year ago, I was having trouble, as I was writing about the demons that have hurt me over the years, and I got to the point where I was shaking when I held my pen, so I was encouraged to move on to something else for a while. So, I've been working on a children's book, hoping that some day I can get that one published. I continue my poetry as well. When I get really stuck with writers block, I turn a 180 and write erotic stories. It's a great way to release the frustration and tension. I will add your book to my reading list.

I have one erotic story to tell. Keep in mind I am a Gothic Fiction writer. If you look @ my confessions page you will find my newest work of fiction. It is called A Lamentation of Lust. I love it and plan to include it in my next book.

I Like Politics

Have You Seen Rivetting Alex Jones Epic Political Expose Movies?

By: Me

Written on September 17th, 2012

Have you seen rivetting Alex Jones epic political expose movies?

One cold, wet windy day, I saw the first 4 of this 20-movies playlist

Fascinating to any student of endtme Bible prophecies

Like Daniel 7 & Revelation 13 & Matthew 24 & 2 Thessalonians 2 & 2 Peter 3 & 2 Tim 3

sorry, me and Christianity are not of kin nor are we friend. My wings are chard not golden.

Funny how that 'S' in sorry vanished. lol

Thanks. It is nice to get feed back for once. It is a cold and lonely world. Voices from the shadows often lessen the pains of the oh so many arrows that come to pierce my delicate soul. Would you mind joining my circle of friends?

You are already in there, fella!

Thanks .

Depression can definitely appear out of no where. Sometimes it appears as though you are walking along, and damn, where did that hole come from? It absolutely can be a heck of a lot harder to get out of as it was to fall into. Be vigilant in your pursuit to defeat this demon.

All the best.