I am really struggling with life at the moment. I function just enough to go to work and not to seem odd to my housemate I have lived with for a month. We started off dating (housemate), there were so many things about him that i really liked. I haven't really liked someone for about 4 years and so I didn't feel like I was rushing into anything, plus we were taking it slow. Then it all changed and he told me he had been pretending and that he does not find me attractive. This has sent me into downward spiral. I am away from my home country, few friends and no family, no career prospects, I have just been avoiding life and now it's hitting me hard in the face. I can't get out of bed, can't focus, not interested in doing my usual daily activities like exercise. All the things I know I should do just feel so hard. I have felt like this for nearly 8 weeks, I feel weak talking to people about my feelings. I feel like I should feel lucky in so many ways but I can't get out of this slum.
TryingEveryday TryingEveryday
26-30, F
Sep 17, 2012