Just Depressed As Usual.

i really been feeling bad lately, i found out the day before yesterday that im pregnant again, i just cant handle this right now i dont know what to do im already struggling with the children i have already what am i to do not only that i stopped going to school now i have to make up days that im really not in the mood to learn nothing or do nothing i just feel like blah! im trying to hold myself together but its hard for me not to cry i always put on the happy face around everybody but inside im crying wish i could feel better. i have so much on me right now when is it going to be alright i cant take much more of this life.
tamonaallison tamonaallison
2 Responses Sep 19, 2012

thank you for your support it is gratly apreciated.

i'm here if you need a friend to unload on i have alot to deal with myself but i enjoy helpin others it keeps my mind of my own misery that i call life