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Moving Out To A Flat 8th Of October, Any Advice On How To Survive?

On the 8th of October, I'm moving out for the first time to supported housing in Shepshed, Leicestershire. It's supported because I suffer with extreme depression and all the problems associated with it. I've purchased some clothes, dvds, games. What else would you recommend buying? And any advice on living on my own? And where can I find good deals on food?
nordicabduction nordicabduction 22-25, M 5 Responses Sep 24, 2012

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I'm not an expert, but try this website! It's helped me a lot:

I hope things get better for you

Shepshed, Leicester? Blimey mate, what a place to be depressed in! It has a reputation for being the inbreeding capital of the Western world, which considering its size and population is quite a feat. (Joking) OK I officially feel sorry for you and I hope you can create a network of friends. So a suggestion for making friends - if money is tight you might get up a mini co-operative (within the supported housing) to bulk buy certain food items, and teach one another to cook and budget. Home cooking is less likely to have hidden additives and it's an awful lot cheaper. Possibly even hold a weekly cook-in, hosted by everyone in turn but which everyone contributes to. Don't be too exclusive about it and it will become a social magnet and something to look forward to

It may help to build a support network-friends, spiritual advisors, therapists. Keep a list of numbers by the phone. Reach out. Don't bottle it all up. I used to keep a list of numbers to friends, prayer hotlines, suicide hotlines, and on-call psychologists. It was important for me to get outside every day. I didn't have much money but just taking a walk or going to a museum or library was free. Getting a cup of coffee at an outdoor cafe was cheap fun. I also kept a journal. Here in the US I had foodstamps, govt. funds for food. I don't know what is available in your country. Church food pantries also helped as did soup kitchens. I'm not pushing my faith on you but for me prayer and the companionship of God was essential. I had lonely times where I wanted to kill myself, but at other times in my life, when I drew close to God, I was not around any other people but felt absolutely no loneliness. It was just me, God and my cats. I used to take medications for depression but went off of it because it was not really working and the side effects did terrible things to my body. If they help, nothing wrong with medication. When you are depressed, all suggestions seem trite. It is a terrible, debilitating disease. Whatever happens, don't blame yourself. IT is as real as cancer or diabetes and you deserve respect for surviving it. I'm sorry you are suffering. I hope something I said helps a little and I really hope you feel better soon.

I Recommend Buying All The Basics For Living On Your Own, And I Also Recommend Going Out And Distracting Yourself Doing A Sport You Like Or Going Out With Friends... Anything Really, I Personally Found That While I'm Distracted It's Easier To Smile And Just Be Happy Rather Then Focussing On My Depression.(:

My recommendation is that you become acquainted with folks in your neighborhood and do your best to enjoy activities with them and ask them about the grocery scene...

I have depression myself so I know it's a tough battle, but I envy you that you have found a place to live on your own as that's something I struggle with...

I agree, a support network is a very good thing to have. I know that some days just getting out of bed takes everything that you have but getting out (on your own or with friends) helps too. Your neighbors, and in the US, the newspaper, are great resources for the grocery issue. I have dealt with depression very many years myself and I know how much of a struggle just the day to day stuff can be. For all that you may feel weak, know that you are indeed strong just for surviving.