I Wrote A Poem

Okay it's rushed, not perfect, probably no good, but it helped me take my mind of things for a while..

On the outside I am happy,
so it might sound quite absurd,
That on the inside I am dying,
And Screaming to be heard.

I don't know where it's came from,
I don't know know how to cope,
My mind is so messed up now,
I'm running out of hope.

I just needed to feel better,
Needed to release some of my pain.
So desperate that I began, to
open up my veins.

The metal blade across my skin,
The warm blood trickled down,
For a moment the pain was minimal,
And my sorrows started to drown.

But then the rush was over,
Excitement began to cease,
As all the thoughts came flooding back,
I was brought down to my knees.

I can't handle all these feelings,
I just need them all to go,
So a few more slices in my arms,
And The blood begins to flow.

Im now smiling ear to ear,
Just a few more cuts, I swear,
Oh no, I've gone way too deep,
I just sit there and I stare

That open wound just pouring,
Faster and faster, the floor is red.
The thought goes through my mind,
I guess it's time, I'll soon be dead,

But the thing is, I'm not worried,
I knew this time would come,
Maybe I'll be happier,
I'll be completely numb.

No more pain, no more darkness,
It's my time to shine bright,
Up in the sky, there I'll sparkle,
And light the darkest nights.

They say life is a gift,
But all I saw was sadness,
So depressed that I cut my skin,
And entered total madness.

Life isn't beautiful,
It's ugly and its deceiving,
It made me feel so worthless,
So because of that I'm leaving.

Farewell to the hell hole,
life is its name,
And I will tell you one fact now,
It's such a unfair game.
So Cruel all it's filled with is
darkness and despair,
So I'm happy now it's over,
And I'm no longer present there.

mma1995 mma1995
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Aw Thankyou, I'm sure it will work itself out in its own time

Your poem is amazing! I feel really bad for you. I have struggled with depression now for 28 years. There is help. I am better today than I have been for many years thanks to people that have helped me. You should reach out for help. You are a beautiful person and deserve a happy life. I wish you the best.