Could You Relate To My Depression?

I can't keep a job very well. Friends are hard to keep. Money is tough to get. Hoping I"ll have a roof over my head by the time I'm twenty-five.
Gas money is expensive and getting tired of a lot of dissapoints from not being good enough for guys that I'v'e known. I am constantly worrying about what people think of me.
I'm a fun girl to be around I just let people's opinions define me.
LonelyGirl322 LonelyGirl322
3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

I'm with you on the subject of jobs. Its been a year and I have been in and out of 3 jobs. I'm just not the hard worker I would've liked to see in myself. I worry too about my employers and what they think of me. Honestly on my second job, me and my boss never got along because of my mistakes and I quit simply because I was so scared to be around the guy. Now though I figured out a plan to stick with this new job, I had to since my daily commute to school is 63 miles in a car that gets 20mpg. I really hope it works for me as much I hope you to find something that works.

I feel you girl. It's hard living up to other people's expectations. Even though we know we're great and fun people...sometimes it's just not enough.
Real friend are so hard to find; I've been looking for a long, long time now...

dont allow others to dictate the type of person you are - and there is no reason to worry about what others think about you - you are your own person and these kind of people that do this to others are insecure about theirself - so they attempt to drag others down to make themselves feel better - so dont worry about those who know nothing about you