How I Long To Be...

... a shadow on the wall. I would make no sound at all. And when the sun goes down, the shadow on the wall, can not be seen at all. - Brandi Carlile

Oh depression how you make me... you make me feel so down down down. Down on myself. For what reason? I don't know. It seems to make me feel like I am different. I am not as great as those around me. IT makes me feel like I have failed my life. Well, if that was the only thing I had to face maybe I could win the war however, depression has gained a very good player on their team called alcohol. Battling the both of these tough opponents makes winning impossible. Sometimes I almost get to the touch down zone but with seconds left, success fails me and I'm not even able to complete a field goal.

I feel like a lot of my childhood years have created this beat of depression that pressures my innocent golden soul. And I'm simply not seen. It's okay I guess. I'm use to this. So, I should get use to this too huh? I should just deal with the fact that I am different... and not in a good way. Here I am. Take me or leave me. And if you choose to leave.... it wouldn't be much of a surprise. I' have never been able to keep anything I love, so why would it change 28 years into my life.
guitargirl23 guitargirl23
26-30, F
Dec 4, 2012