The Marvelous Misadventure Of Ed Vunn Loco

I've been kinda lonely lately. Ever since i was a kid i kinda felt like I didnt belong in the world we live in today. I feel like a slave at school. And in essence thats what i really am. My mom says she loves me but not enough to actually care about letting me do what I want. What a fool. I dont really have many people I can confide in these days. i have years more left in high school and my grades all basically all Fs. I hate this ****. Society basically enslaves everyone nowadays. Go to school for 16 years because YOU HAVE TO. Get a job to survive. Follow whatever your dumbass boss tells you or fear losing your livelihood and therefore your life. ITS SOOO ****** nowadays. its like everyones eafraid of the ****** man. What a piece of ****. I try communicating my cause to the kids but most of them are already to brainwashed by the system to think for themselves. Me myself. I am an adventurer. A connisseur of literature and everything awesome. I want to explore and have high speed chases. And be in gunfights. And find lost treasure. And create art. I feel like once we fade out of childhood everyone destines our life to ffail. For us to be miserable and unhappy. Working a 9-5 at someplace we hate. We are the change
TheLonelyLoner TheLonelyLoner
1 Response Dec 8, 2012