Hating Life

its so hard to even wake up in the morning. i hide myself away and lock everyone out of my life i don't answer the phone and just feel like the world would be better off with out me here i feel like giving up ...

a little about whats been going on i left my husband about a year ago now because all we were doing was fighting and just not getting along i felt alone and that he didnt understand me .... then i was told that i have bi polar and after that i was trying to get back with my husband now understanding what my problem was and he more or less didnt care which made me feel like crap even more and everyone that i am trying to explain whats going on in my life to really doesnt care and i am getting upset i cant seem to get help and i feel like i am going completely crazy ... it seems like the only way i am going to get help is to go onto welfare and get them to set up something but by doing that i feel like i am taking something away from someone else who might really need it more then me.... i am so lost right now....
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2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

The world is definitely not better off without you. The worst you could do in this situation is avoiding people who care about. confied in people you trust how you feel. . Talking is a great catharsis

thank you for your support!