One Of Them...

I'am one of a hundred people who fights depression and loneliness every single day. It's hard facing every single day knowing that all through out the day you'll feel depressed and lonely because of hundreds and hundreds of problems you think of. It so hard sometimes that I thought of breaking down. But with a deep breath i tried to stay on the positive side and somehow it helped a little, though it was only a little, at least it is a little. right? :)
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3 Responses Dec 12, 2012

I'm in your exact situation. I hope you are hanging in there!! I believe the only option for this is to hang in there, work on ourselves, and know that there are sooo many beautiful things headed our way, that it will make it all worth it even more. One thing i've been thinking of is how this kind of thing starts? What starts all of these negative thoughts we start to have? Is it not having enough people in our lives that understand us and our emotions? I wish there was something that could fix a lot of it...

Amen. I start everyday trying to be positive, trying to make a change, but nothing ever changes. Life can seem so hard, sometime i just break down and cry at the end of the night. But theres this feeling inside of me that someday everything will change. Someday i'll meet my prince and we'll runaway and life will start new again and be perfect. or so that's the plan. keep on keeping on :)

Spot on hun :) just stay positive