Alone & Married

I'm a 25 yr old stay @ home mom of 2 due 2 several disabilities. But how ever my husband has a descent job & we're surviving... but I feel alone cuz I'm always home & he's @ work so there is a lack of communication & on his days off he rather club or as he say hang out, so frustrated depressed & wonna run away. I'm missing the love we use 2 have
22-25, F
2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

It's important that both you and your husband demand high respect from each other in communication, and on an ongoing basis. This is one of the secrets. <br />
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It's not because we are princes and princesses. It's because receiving respect shows that we value each other and because that respect will reflect what we mean to each other. With everything that couples and individuals have to deal with in daily life, that respect can start to take a back seat. <br />
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We need to respect ourselves, loved ones and others, and our commitments.