The Pain

This pain, the feeling of extreme loneliness, it feels just like depression. My close family member of mine told me that depression is actually a thing, and that I am most likely just extremely lonely. But wow, does it hurt. Going through so much pain, it seems to get worse every day.

The only thing I can do is continue to be there for myself, help myself up and keep myself strong, knowing that beautiful things are coming my way. I'd rather do this than give up on life in general. In a sense I fear death!

I never knew life would get this 'dark', or challenging when I was young. I miss that little guy, so upbeat and able to talk to anyone that he wanted to, without all the negative thoughts of anxiety, anger, etc.
TheForestOfGnomes TheForestOfGnomes
26-30, M
1 Response Dec 16, 2012

hi abcgum,i am facing the same problems as you are.I am trying to kill depression by and this loneliness and engaging myself in my current job, and also taking up a university degree, which gives me a sense of pride.Just start interacting with people,not thinking about the consequences, everything will be fine.Take care

Thank you, that means a lot for you to say that, and it is very appreciated. You are very right, it helps to place your focus into other things in life... I'm at the point where I'm just completely tired of limiting my life to this thinking, as I am missing out on so much of the happiness. You make a good point there, finding purpose in life and the love-life will come it's way when it is ready for us.