The Distance

i don't know if it is just me going nuts or my words have made people more distant to me .

it kind of feels like what i have said despite backing off on the subject or giving people room to breath only resulted in them not even talking to me. i worry that what i said might have cost me one of my best friends . i am scared to ask them about this in the fear it might drive them further away, witch in that case my every word did make every thing worse .

That over whelming feeling that people are avoiding you or talking behind your back . that some one you trusted in your heart might have lost trust in you seams to hurt more than being shot down or told that they only want to be friends . i feel fine when i have my friends around but now i don't know how to feel other than distanced and at every turn that gap seams to be getting bigger .

there is already little chance any one will read this but if any one has the time to it would help me to hear some words truth or to know i am not alone . i just want things to go back to the way they had bin before i even said any thing to distance people from me , i want my friends back nothing more .
31-35, M
Jan 13, 2013