I feel lost and alone....I don't know where to go in life. They say everything happens for a reason but I haven't seen one...I'm 28, the middle child...and single with no kids. . My dream is to have a family...kids to raise and love... And teach wonder in their mind..Both of my sisters..1 younger and 1 older have kids and are married...I was married once but it didn't work out...so I feel odd one out. Many times I feel maybe that "family life" wasn't made for me. I don't feel pretty enough to have a bf/husband anymore ....I've stopped dating because I don't trust or think anyone will genuinely like me. I've always been a big girl..always felt and been treated like the ugly sister,regardless of how many times a guy tells me otherwise...I don't know what my purpose is here...it depresses me that I don't have the family I would love...it hurts, a pain neither of my sisters will ever feel... :(
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I know what that feels like.lol...just try to trust ppl coz u have to find someone that makes u happy.