So Alone

im a stay at home mum in a complicated relationship due to many reasons im not near family and have no friends im struggling to cope on my own and feel so lonely and broken just dont know where to turn just wish i had someone to care bout me someone who doesnt judge is that really too much in life to ask for am i being selfish wanting someone to care bout me?
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i can relate to you totally.

No that's not selfish.
Please, don't give up searching.

its just so hard i sometimes think if i was dead no one would even notice

Yep happens to me all the time.
And those who support me always said to remember that this feeling will go away.
At first I thought what good does this ... but I know also that, if I give up now I might never find true happiness. I think I do not wish to day knowing that I have not tried hard enough to find true happiness. I'd like to die happy.

oops I meant "die" not day ;)

i think about dying alot

If worse comes to worse. Please check your breathing. Focus on breathing. Let your thoughts come and go and try gently guide your focus back to breathing. Don't judge your thought and try not be frustrated, when you seemed to not be able to stay focused. Just keep telling yourself inside it OK. It is OK to feel the way you do.

Yes that is alright to think about dying or wanting to die. I you suicidal right now?

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