Let Me Help You With The Fight:

The number one thing I see on here is depression, what a tough topic to cover…
It affects all ages, it affects people to different extents, and each person is unique.

I’ll try to cover things that will help EVERYONE who is feeling down and I really hope I make an impact on you, or at least give you something to look at…

Depression is this dark cloud of negativity that envelopes your very soul. It quickly shuts out that candle light of something you would call hope and pull you closer to the dark void, away from friends and family, away from happy relationships… away from any reason to move on…

That being said. Let me add some gasoline to that candle with some tips on how to deal with depression:

1) You cannot do it alone:
It’s like trying to fight an army with a pocket knife, you need guns…
The biggest gun is a Coach, this usually is a therapist who knows you well and has worked with you on reaching your goals… I understand a lot of people may not want to or cannot afford one. The next best thing is a trusted friend or family member who is there with you to cheer you up, listen to you vent, and help you follow the rest of the steps I have for you….
Another weapon is EP… While there are a ton of downers and trolls… There are diamonds in the rough, genuine people who care. Large hearts that just want to see people happy. While they may look a little silly, like a flower power hippy. That positive energy is a great tool to motivate you. Find them, be their friend and talk… its easy.

2) You cannot start to change, without the Desire to change.
Sometimes it’s easier to give up. (I can’t do it) its over.. other times you might say “I’m trying.” That’s good, but it gives you an out (well I tried) No you need to visualize what you want to be. Look in the mirror at the beautiful face. Think about who you should be, the real you… THAT is your goal and you are going to get there.

3) Drugs are a treatment, not a cure.
Take all the pills you want. In the end you are going to be addicted and still sad. Its just like taking cough syrup… it does not fix you, it just makes you stop coughing. The CURE, is you, taking control of your brain and getting rid of the triggers.
People should not first look for medicine to fix their problem. Its a treatment you need to be in the right mindset
If you are still depressed and blame the medicine you will never change...
If a doctor gives you medicine, its for the hormones not to make you happy. I don't think anyone should quit their prescription, but maybe they can reduce it over time CONSULT YOUR PSYCHOLOGIST FIRST

4) Identify the trigger:
Generally we don’t get depressed because of nothing, usually something happened in the past, or even childhood and you repressed it. Either way, something today, triggers pain from the past and causes you to regress into a pit of despair and anguish. Being able to identify the trigger on the gun will not fix you, but you can practice having control over it. Maybe being alone triggers it… So next time you are alone… use one of these:

5) Non-drug treatments when you are starting to feel it:
Music, Not “I wanna cut my self and die.” But something up beat that you can tap your feet to. Rhythmic music . it does not have to be GANGNAM STYLE ;) even though I do insist! But when you start feeling down, fight it! Tune it out and have some fun.
Carry a Diary or Journal: Every day write about the GOOD in your life, whither its I found a quarter on the ground, or I made someone happy on EP… whatever it is, BEFORE you go to bed EVERY night, write about the good things…
Every morning when you wake up , read it… I know this is hard to keep a habit but YOU CAN DO IT. Not only will it t rigger positive memories when you are sad, but it will remind you of who is in charge!
Do positive things on EP. EP is full of hate some times, but you can make a change, you can look for people to help and it will make you smile.. it does for me…

6) Things you should do everyday
Eat healthy (get away from the fats salts, and sugars and look for healthier alternatives to fast food . It does amazing things to the brain to help fight depression (Like AMMO for your gun)
Workout.. I know its hard to get off yer butt. But seriously you will feel soo good within days of getting a routine.. even if it’s a walk around the block once a day to start. Cardio makes it better

7) You need to be consistent
Lastly there Is no miracle drug or person that can fix you, only you can do it, and to be happy and free forever you gotta fight it everyday.
No miracle guy or girl is going to fix it (look at the questions we see about depressed people in relationships)
No wonder drug is going to fix it (illegal or not)
I hope I helped.. It helped me, let me know if you need anything!

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36 Responses Jan 18, 2013

That was a wonderful and insightful post. It helps me see that I can change if I work at it.

I want to thank you for this

I see.. So I want to change yet I don't do anything, because I don't want to, that's why I'm still here on the dark. It's also true that you cannot do it alone, that's why I get here to EP, because I can't trust anyone here.

I realized it right from the start that I'm the only one who continue my depression state, but I am not the one who triggered it. It's also my fault not to fight when they triggered it, because I was made to be weak, I am naturally weak.

Yep, I don't want depression, but I'm doing something that makes me depressed. I'm too pessimistic.

What If I Don't have the desire to change? What If I find myself ugly when looking at the mirror? Plz Help (T_T)

There is a lot of common sense in what you say. Unfortunately, a part of depression is not having a lot of common sense...you have to motivate yourself in the windows of opportunity when you feel capable of lifting your spirits.
I agree whole-heartedly that antidepressant medication is a dangerous road. I have never been more suicidal than when I was withdrawing from such a drug. And most people eventually will need to withdraw, because the drug ceases to have any benefit. The longer you take it the less effect it has.
I have a family history of depression and suicide so I know my brain chemicals are "off." For such people more courage is required, and when I am most down I remember all the crises I have lived through and realize that i am resilient.
For those who need some philosophy for accepting yourself as you are, and for what being human really is, I refer you to the author Pema Chodron. Her books include When Things Fall Apart. She is a popularizer of Buddhist ideas but her books have no religious slant.
My heart is with all of you out there who are suffering.

I read all this and still I can't find my sparkle.
The "normal" me is such a dazzling, dynamic, confident, leader, motivator,
I lost it a while ago and am often surrounded by many but shrouded in an impossible web of loneliness.
I don't even know how not to wear my martyr mask. So many people look to me, but I feel I have no one I can look to. All I know is, even the rock needs a rock sometimes. I can spend days in bed, I just cannot get my self out of this rut.
So many things have led to this but those issues fade into insignificance when stood next to the wholly engulfing feelings that consume me from the inside out , top to bottom. Tired of trying.

Thank you :)

I have to thank you for writing this. Its very inspiring & helpful.

I am impressed. It is always inspiring to me when I see someone reaching out a hand to help. You are representing the very best in people. Thank you for that.


Thanks so much,Greg! The information you share,is very inciteful,and being vunerable and real....is not always easy!The fact that you just want to help other's on here..is a good thing! Keep Shining!

nice writing!
We all have issues ( experiences that makes us depress). I have a fair share of what depression is like. Identifying the source is good, what triggers it. We all have choices and whatever choice we have we should be firm of our choices no matter how depressing it is for choosing it have more advantages than letting go of it. We should be in control. It's a diffcult job--being in control, it takes patience, courage and strong free will. There is always something out there that would keep us out balance. But the good side of things is getting back on our feet everytime we fall. :D The world doesnt stop spinning just because..........

Great post Greg. It's a hard battle for some folks but no-one outside of ourselves can fix us ... I totally agree with you on that!

just finished reading ur post, thank you, i fight with depression every moment of my life, im hurting, my heart is heavy, i take prescription anti depressants, i stopped taking them becuz i thought they wernt helpn, well now im worse, i have been journaling alot, it sure helps n im going to take u up on that walkn

Just wanted you to know I really needed your words of encouragement. I use to write in a journal quite some time ago. You reminded me of that lost spiritual connection I once had with writing and I will reconnect with it to battle this slump I feel. thank you so very much and may God bless you always.

Thank you, Greg. This is exactly the kind of support I need. This is the number one reason a friend of mine brought me here to EP, as I've been dealing with depression for most 30 years. Your words are very encouraging.

Thanks, honey. Just knowing that I'm not alone really helps!!

Nice. But there is one thing I want to know.. How to difference diamonds n smart downers n trolls?

But there r trolls n downers who disguise as diamonds right? That what I meant.. Not only once I found those fake diamonds

Very smart post, filled with reality and the hard truth. Love it.

Very smart post, filled with reality and the hard truth. Love it.

This is a great post. I appreciate your positive attitude and the carefulness you used about issues such as medication. Some depression such as bipolar depression certainly can be helped with non addicting medication. But I completely agree with your other points including that medication is never an answer alone. Thank you!

Thank you Greg - I needed to see that.

great advice!

hey , youve written a great story, youve hit the nail on the head so many times, its inspiring for me to read, even though im not depressed, i dont think there are many people who havent been depressed in one form or another. Its a great reminder of how good people can be,your story , heartfelt, genuine. i left ep once before because i couldnt take the idiots, but then i realised not everyones the same and not to let them win.
So thanks for taking the time and caring.


Thank you. This is some good advice. Now to find the strength to use it

i just bookmarked this page...thanks

thanks so much greg!

Thannks. Nice one. Good story.

I was born with it

Great advise!

Good on ya, LovetoVent!

:) great post! ((((hugs))))

awww but fat salt and sugar makes everything taste good :p but i do agree (while gnawing on a piece of fried chicken lol) exercise and eating right is def. a gateway to happiness, it makes you feel good.

An excellent post. You wrote it well and I think it will encourage and help some people. I wonder though; Do you think that an actual lack of serotonin, dopamine, and neurophenephrine transmitters can be overcome holistically? We were talking about this on another thread, and for some with actual chemical imbalances, stopping their medication could be disastrous. No?

Okay. Thanks. Either way it's an excellent post. Kudos.

There is no proof of the 'chemical imbalance' and 'broken brain'. It is pop science passing as fact-the American Pschological Association is admitting this now; thank big Pharma and the Psychiatrists, who are busy scrambling to legitmize their 'field' and make mega $$$.

@katyushaz, I have to disagree. My life was unmanageable and I was going to the hospital or jail quite often. When I started taking the right combination of meds, it was like night and day after a strange adjustment period. My life has completely changed. SSRI's, anti depressants, and certain seizure medications can do miracles. I know they are over prescribed, but neurotransmitters are real, and there ARE many cases of chemical imbalance., an imbalance being a shortage of certain neurotransmitters.

A write from a good warm heart. I hope that the ones having to handle depression read this

Excellent one...

Keep in mind you can only see the horizon from where you stand, that doesn't mean the sun isn't hiding behind the hills....have the courage to walk.

Depression is very hard to accept and acknowledge - well done for this posting

I have been fighting depression for 9.5years since my oldest son passed away

very helpful