My Depression And Self Harm

Okay so I am a 14 year old freshman in highschool, and i have been suffering self harm since 8th grade. It started when my mom and brothers critisizm was just going too far. One day, i decided to cut. And when i did i got hooked. Ever since my problems have just been getting worse and worse. My dads gone so i have to live with my mom. And my only escape is cutting. And i'm ensecure which is another HUGE reason i cut. I also used to starve my self and did loose some weight. But i stopped that. And now it's cutting. An everyday thing. And honestly, it helps. It really does. It helps because of my past, all the bullying, the name calling. Everything. I hate myself more than anything. Everyday i wish i would just die. Sometimes i even get to the point where i go into my closet to hang myself but i just can't do it. For my dad, i know my dad would be devistated if he knew. He's the only reason why i don't. And no ones even knows i cut. No one. I don't show them. But yeah, it's really hard and cutting helps. This story sounds like **** but whatever.
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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

Cutting shouldn't help you, it isn't helping you at all actually. There's that one thing holding you back from killing yourself, and that is a really good thing you care so much about others to not kill yourself, and you should be proud of that, you're too young to feel his way. Talk to someone, let them know how you feel, don't suffer in silence anymore.