Injured And Trekking On.

Many have asked for me to keep an update with my injury and recovery, I think it mainly helps me the most. Surgeries are still ahead, and I'm keeping myself focused on upcoming vacations and good things rather than focusing on the injury itself. Finally I am happy to report I found a physician that graduated at the top of his class: his advice was to live and attempt for the injury to be secondary, rather than the pinpoint focus of my life. Of course doing that is harder than it sounds, but I am eager for the day that my focus shifts. An EP member reminded me to keep my head in the game, and look forward.. I'm doing it the best I can. I am very thankful that I found this website, and so many strangers reached out to assist in giving inspiration during my recovery. I really needed it most, and the depression is still a battle but talking on here makes it easier. It's nice to be so anonymous, no one knowing who I am makes it easier to openly discuss.

The best report is that I lost 18 pounds, thank goodness because I thought there that I would continue gaining throughout my entire recovery. It was not at the benefit of any physician's advice; but at my own commitment and determination. My hubby does not deserve a person who is giving up, so that gave me strength.

I still don't recognize myself from the woman I was just 7 months prior, and it is still a struggle to accept that I am injured so badly. That active, healthy, energetic woman is gone and all that remains is my devotion to trek on. I still have not joined any support groups, or found the perfect therapist, but I will keep looking. It takes a lot of mental strength to wake up in pain every day:and then to try and go on my day. I over did it, walking my dog for too long, and wound up in the ER. Just a reminder that my mind is much stronger than my body. Hoping for good positive responses, always open to good advice. Thanks!
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22-25, F
Jan 21, 2013