I'm Fine, I Promise. (poem)

I'm fine
I'm fine
I'm fine

I make that promise
I say that lie

I smile, I grin
I laugh.
I'm fine.
I'm happy.

These cuts,
That was my cat.
Stupid cat, always hurting me.

Isn't it funny how they're parallel,
how many of them?
How the **** do you
believe me?

I'm fine
I'm fine
I'm fine.

I'm happy
I've been hurt, sure
But I'm strong,
I can make it through.

No, I'm just tired.
Didn't get much sleep.
Too much... homework.
Yes, homework.

even though all I had was
to read a chapter.

I clench my teeth
Dig my nails into my wrist
Close my eyes
longing to be home
Where I don't feel so alone

I'm fine
I'm fine
I'm fine.

Surrounded by friends, never alone
Yet more alone than ever.

I'm fine
I'm fine
I'm fine.

I promise.
I promise that I'm not breaking down
I promise that it was my cat
I promise I'm just tired
I promise I'm happy

Why can't you see my lies?
Truecat369 Truecat369
18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013