I'm Just Tired..

I walk around school with a smile on a face, but inside I just wish I could just die right there.
Would anybody care?
All of my friends have guys to talk too & people calling them beautiful..
All I've ever gotten was "you're ugly, fat, worthless"
Why do they get to be so much better than me, just because their hair is longer & they have a different skin color than me.
No ever asks if I'm okay..
But when I'm dead, they'll know I'm not okay..
An Ep User An EP User 2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

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I know how you feel, nobody at school is mean to me but nobody is overly nice either. Sometimes I think I'm invisible and if your not openly happy people don't want to ask if your ok, it's like as long as your not their problem it's fine. Some of its probably my fault I spend so much time in my own world I don't notice anyone anyway. Never care about other people's opinions they probably hate themselves more than you...low confidence can breed bullies they put you down so they feel better. x

Society doesn't know the definition of beautiful. You are beautiful. You don't have to look like those models to be beautiful because no matter how you look like, fat or not, black or white. You are, okay? Don't let anybody make you feel that way.