Depression, Love Addiction, Loneliness, It Just Goes Round And Round

So the more i am on here and the more i read and learn the more it seems that somewhere a person like me gets a glitch in their system and it sets off a whole cycle that is almost impossible to end...

1) somehow a child doesn't get enough attention or unconditional love or something
2) they go searching for it elsewhere but cannot find it
3) they search more and more, becoming addicted and compulsive in trying to take love from things or people
4) it doesn't work with things and the people don't like it and pull away, or, the people they are with are also addicted so the two abuse each other
5) it just continues as searching, addiction, pain over and over...

The question is how to stop it? Become a Buddhist who is not attached to anything? Find unconditional love in some sort of God? What if you don't believe in God? What if your childhood makes it impossible to accept or receive unconditional love, even if it existed??
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Jan 27, 2013