Its Klling Me

sitting in a classroom talking to myself or a person who wasnt there, pre converations running through my head making me not being able to concentrate on anything,feeling diferent from others lead me to drop out of college and go into a state of depression. not able tell anybody what i was going through expically my parents, dont want to socalise with my friends anymore id rather sit in all of the time but the lonliness is killing me i feel like i have nobody and my life isnt going to change and evryone around me is thinking the worst of me, the sound of laughter scares me and triggers my anxiety for the worst, i eventually went to see a councellor and found out that it came from my unhealthy relationship with my mother of being put down and critized all of the time. i really want my life to go back to the way it was and be able to put myself out there and be outgoing
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1 Response Jan 27, 2013

Hey my names josh you say your lonely i could be a friend. I know I'm just a kid but if u wanna text me. We could like text everyday. I could be that person to tell you how are u. So if u want to comment back