Lately it's all felt so hopeless... I find myself fighting to do the minimum things I know are necessary. Eat, bathe, sleep, go to work... I exist but I'm not alive. Lately when my feelings do connect it's painful and so completely overwhelming with loneliness that I don't do anything but cry until I cry myself to sleep. More often than not I find that I'm asking myself what's the point?
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If you need to talk pm anytime. I can try and understand.

I was diagnosed many years ago. I am now on supervised medical therapy with Fluoxetine and Depakote. I try to keep myself busy but there are days whenever the stress is too much so I take the prescribed valium and rest. it helps also to join a group that you feel comfortable in. sometimes i go to the nearest bar and drink and smoke with old men and we laugh and talk about life. it helps.

I do as well. Even though I love the people I work with dearly I feel...stuck and lonely whenever I'm alone. I work six days a week and I feel like I'm not living for anything other than work. But I keep going searching for that light. And you can too

Yes. This month I was looking at Facebook and saw most of my high school classmates and how well they are doing as adults in their 40s. I on the other hand have not done well in life but I work with what I have. My family is very disappointed in me and embarrassed by my life-failure but I am pressing on as best I can with my limitations. I simply avoid situations that would corner me into making an account of my life since high school.

Me too. You sound like you have a strength in you though that will overcome it. For me it's all I have in me. I've empty of everything else I was.

Life feels like a burden when loneliness surrounds you....i go through it every night but i ain't gonna give up nor cry lets see how much i can take is what i say to myself every night though i wail and i know i have none to share what i feel exactly .so i listen to others problem and help them deal with it.By this i can keep my mind busy.

Yep life sucks sometimes, I feel the se as you and I gave so much to take care of. I feel overwhelmed!! I cried so much I dehydrated what a looser!

Trust me, you're not a loser... I do that all the time honestly!