I just went on a long walk by the beach, crying. I wished I could just be apart of everything like other people. Just relax. Be cool. I can't because I'm just too sad, nothing interesting to add to any situation here.
princessaliababua princessaliababua
26-30, F
3 Responses Aug 17, 2014

Be confident in yourself and who you are. Love you for you and in time you'll find your place in the world. Don't try and mesh with groups or people just to do it, do it because you want to. Find people who will make you smile and laugh. It may seem as if you are the only one who feels like this, but I promise you that there are others, and they may be closer than you thought. Good Luck.

I always like being near the water. And I know how you feel, my isolation is only confirmed when I see people going around having fun, having friends. Everyday I wish somebody would just walk up and bring me into everything, be my friend and care about me. I'm too scared to approach people, so my life is just an island in a moving sea of people.

That's what I wished every time I saw someone. I just screamed "please, help" in my head. Of course I'm just another person walking by to them... No one would even know how to help.. Sigh

I miss the beach, it's my favorite place to be but recently I had to move far away from it and where I am I have no friends, family, or anyone to talk to.

It's great too just listen to the waves.. I hope you find a new place of white noise

Thank you so much, I will one day I can hear and see it now :0). I will pray that your sadness be taken away with the waves tonight.