I am 53 and just realizing I have many issues, they all lead to depression. On huge battle I face daily if my negative thoughts. I can find negative in almost everything. I am working on that, with a therapist. Last night I had a positive experience and turned it in my head to a negotiable, which flooded me emotionally. I wrote out my thought, then the facts. I came to the conclusion that it was all my negative thinking. I created a new quote for myself. "Negativity will consume you, positives feed you"
I am looking for others like me that want to share, by working together we can support each other
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i found my self seceding by distancing myself from people that don't like to see you seceding sometimes i can't express myself on my positive points for that reason


Good for you....depression is a hard thing to battle, but you can do it with positivity. Now that you can be positive try telling yourself three positive things about yourself each day. Thats what I am doing with my daughterr to help her build up her self esteem.

Yes depression can consume you,eat you alive. It is eaier to sink deep in and let it take over than to fight it.Negative thoughts,pessimism, self doubt,become common place. Good for you working through it with a therapist and also writing things down. Keep your head up and fight! Be strong,dont let the darkness take over,because once you do,it gets harder and harder to fight. Good luck!

Hope it helps knowing others feel similarly!