I am hoping to connect with someone and make a friend or two. I am completely miserable right now, and like at this moment I just randomly break down. I'm not strong at all and am extremely sensitive and hope that out of joining this sight I can battle my depression loneliness and lack of confidence I've lost many of my closest friends because I finally opened my eyes to who they really were. I'm full of pain hatred and even baggage from when I was in elementary. I just feel so alone right now.
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I know exactly how you feel, I had so many friends growing up but it was when I needed them the most they weren't there for me and I think that kinda made me realise it was me all along who was making the effort and not getting any back :/ I had a really bad few months, friends dissapeared, I stayed in my room away from the outside world, depression really is the worst thing I think people can experience, I put on weight, I lost my confidence, the list is endless. I'm trying my best to get things fixed but Its hard I know. If you need anyone to talk to, I'm down for a chat :-)

Everything on your list is what I've battled for soo long. I was already one those people who found it hard to fit in with the larger crowd at school. I had select friends who I felt very close to. One I was friends with since the 3rd grade. She hurt me so bad and my mom always told me she was selfish in our friendship but I loved her. She was my sister, or I thought. It's been four years since I last told her off, and I keep telling myself I'm over it. Clearly I'm not though lol.

I had two girls I called my best friends, I'd known them both since being a child because our mums all were bestfriends too when they were kids. When I needed them they were no where to be seen. I haven't spoke to them a long time now too, I sometimes wonder if real friends really exist in the world, how can people you've known so long leave and clearly not bother with you no more... its freakin strange, I'll work it all out one day I'm sure -.- lol

Your not alone so many people feel this way. If you need someone to talk to i'm here and a very good listener

I'm feeling that right now

A lot of people on here already seem so nice. It feels good that so many people seem interested. Thx.

Sure. If you ever want to talk about it, message me!

i msged you :)