Tonight my mom attacked me and beat me. She threw me to the ground and threw stuff at me. She called me "bit*h" over and over and then kicked me out of the house in my pajamas and no shoes or car. I wandered the streets in the dark and the rain. She told me that if I didn't leave she was going to call the cops and tell them that it was ME who attacked HER. I am so done with her treating me this way. I wish she didn't hate me. I just want my mom. I want my mom to love me again. I want to die.
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Are you serious?? Move from town

Wish I could

Get a fairly stable job, an apartment, and get yourself emancipated

Yes she can, you can get emancipated at 18. The age of a legal adult

Well, I'm still 13, but there's also an emotional meaning to it, that she's all alone, and her mother can't hurt her anymore. She's still there in a physical state, but the pressure is off.

I'm 17

i hope you are okay and can resolve this issue. can you think of anything you might have done to have this event occur?

you shouldnt want to die just because you're mom is acting that way. just ignore her and don't let what she does affect you.

I can't ignore her she is my mother. My own mother can't stand to be around me and she makes that very clear.

sometimes the ones that are close to us, hurt us the most. when i said ignore your mother, I didn't mean never talk to her. I meant ignoring her actions when she show that she doesn't want you there or near you. Maybe a consular would mend the hatchet between you too I dont know but all I know is that you need to not be around her often because she needs to realize that you are her daughter.