I love someone. They shut me out. I can't move on. I wish I was dead. I don't understand why I wasn't good enough. I love him. He has mental health problems and I love him because of who he is and I never judged. I didn't hate him because of how he treated me when his illness took over. I didn't call him a disappointment like the others did. I listened. And it wasn't enough.
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Don't ever think it is your fault. He lost someone wonderful. You should never feel as it it is your fault when there clearly isn't. Maybe he just needs time to think and get himself straightened out.

when a man learns to love he must bear the risk of hatred.

I am sorry. :( It hurts so much I know. I hope your pain becomes less in time and know that many on EP are in pain also and wish to help each other through these rough times.

I had a marvelous relationship with one side of a woman with severe PTSD. Eventually she abandoned me and moved on despite my willingness to keep helping. Four years later she has overcome her condition and she contacted me again. Not sure where we will end up, but our future looks very bright. Stick around to be here when he's ready. Be confident the separation is not your fault!

hey...don't blame yourself for his actions.
It doesn't matter what he thinks, because if he can't appreciate what an awesome person you are, then thats his loss...and someone will come along and see how amazing you are!
don't let any human decide your fate, don't let us say how you should feel about life...and about yourself...there are over 7 billion humans...don't let one make you feel so bitter and angry about yourself...you are young and destined for greatness, just believe it! be someones amazing today...and you will feel amazing!
stay blessed =)