Sigh it sucks to go day by day looking at my phone hoping to at least get a text from someone to let me know I'm thought about. Not even a text from my so called boyfriend. It hurts to think of my value and worth to people.
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when my phone rings im like "who the hell is/would call me?"

I know what u mean then to see its like a stupid bill collector or something. Ugh that really sucks.

That's why you have us sweetheart :) EP

Have you tried expressing your emotions to your friends and your boyfriend?

The solution of a problem,is often the simplest one, the one that we ignore.

Sorry to hear that.

Makes you feel better I don't even have anyone I can text. Cause I'm not good enough

I know the feeling but don't worry it gets better and if that so called bf hadn't texted you to see check in on you then u need get up and go find another Prince Charming he may be caught up in bush lol dump this so called bf and find the new Prince Charming that's caught in the bush coming to your rescue. Hope this help

Sometimes I go all day without anyone calling or texting, :/

I'm sorry, I know how you feel but I usually have to text people to get them to acknowledge me, but it doesn't help that I'm super shy.

Yea It just took time but I've met some people so I text them. Nowadays it's a bit better :) but I do know that pain very well

I'm glad you found people to text.