I honestly have the worst luck.
I have always lacked and yearned for little things that people take for granted.
I am an only child off a single parent (my mom).

My dad and his family basically have hated my existence so I don't talk to them.
Me and mom have a love hate relationship.

And my mom has no family herself . . So i am basically and literally on my own which sucks.

To top it all off, i stutter :(
This causes the most awkward conversations and have issues forming and maintaining any type of friendship.

The sad thing is, i would give anything to have what others around me have had their whole lives.

Right now i have honestly lost hope. I don't give a **** at anything bad that happens next as i have no care for my life anymore.
imstillabitlikethat imstillabitlikethat
22-25, F
3 Responses Aug 19, 2014

Hi! Sounds like you're going thru a lot of ****. I don't stutter but i too have problems maintaining friendships. I have a tendency to push people away because I think that I am bothering them with my depression and social anxiety. But you are worthy of love, and you will find people who will respect you for who you are. I don't known if this helps in any way. But just know that you can always talk to me

I'd like to say everything gets better as you work at it, and while that is completely true, it requires going for that happiness you yearn for. It takes some chances and risks.

No child will have a wonderful relationship with their parent, fighting does happen, sadly. In the end you need to know they do love you, as you're their child.

If you can't maintain a friendship due to a stutter, those people don't deserve to be your friend. Don't waste your time on them.

P.S. A stutter can be extremely cute.

Hey, um I've been depressed before, but you sound like you've been through a lot, so if you ever feel like talking to someone, I'm here, just msg me anytime if you're interested? : )